Our Mission

Every athlete should know strengths, weaknesses, and what they need to do to get better. After understanding where they stand, every team and athlete should have access to quality workouts to address their weaknesses. We work with some of the best athletes in Colorado.

Tier 1

We customize solutions for teams, solving any problem you throw at us. However, the following tiers explain our core platform.

Individual Analysis

Complete your evaluation for acceleration, max velocity, change of direction, horizontal and vertical explosiveness, quickness, and any sport-relevant measures such as throwing velocity.

Understand strengths and weaknesses, and follow custom workouts to improve your measurements. Access our video and image library for demonstrations.

Tier 2

Team Analysis

Received detailed analysis of your team's performance. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your entire team, and track and monitor improvement.

Analyze each of your athletes individually, or analyze the entire team across one metric. This gives you every tool you need to monitor and improve the performance of your team.

Recruiting Profiles

Easy to fill out, custom-built recruiting profiles for an entire team, and for individual athletes. Profiles can be shared with coaches, and the entire recruiting package integrates into your existing website.

Tier 3

Advanced Training

Use our platform to design your own training programs for individuals or teams, or use our custom written training programs. Each athlete's exercises update based on their measurements and needs. Work with the specialists at Elite Speed Sports Performance for the entire package - custom tracking and analytics application + advanced coaching through Elite Speed.